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Promoting Confidence, Emotional Peace, Direction, Successful Relationships, Aura Cleansing, Tarot Card Reading.  

If you have had positive experience in the past with intuitive people and have no doubt that there are human beings with an acute sensitivity to supernatural forces then you will not be disappointed with Psychic Readings by Ann.

Open Your Spiritual Mind and
Allow Positive Energy Into Your Life

Gain higher knowledge, self control, feel uplifted & obtain peace of mind with the answer a Psychic Reading can bring you.


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Many professional psychics have specialized areas of expertise. This compliments their natural abilities and a reading can incorporate one or more of the psychic’s skills. Psychic Readings by Ann offers any of these methods. This includes telephonic or written readings via email or letter as well as distance energy readings by request. As this vocation is usually chosen at a spiritual level in the name of serving humanity, prices are very reasonable but may vary with different services. Call us for specifics and specials. The New Age Movement has brought all things psychic service into mainstream consciousness. There are many who see it as strictly entertaining and still others who rely heavily on a reading’s outcome for guided decision-making. The best way is to see and feel for yourself.


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Meet Your Psychic

Psychic Ann is a Certified and Licensed Reader, providing clients with professional guidance for over 45 years. You will be welcomed warmly and sincerely. Ann has felt a calling to do this type of work since childhood, and her goals are to help people, not to entertain them. Learn about your love life and communicate with your past.

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